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How Can You Partner With The Hub?

The Youth Civic Hub is a by-youth, for-youth web portal dedicated to centralizing, synthesizing, and simplifying civic learning opportunities for NYC students.

The Hub provides a platform tailored to young people's unique schedules and learning outcomes to further their civic identity, agency, and engagement. V1 of the Hub offers five central features: a NYC Elections Portal; an NYC Power Map; a Civic Opportunities and Events Portal; a Dynamic Directory; and a Civic Glossary.

The Hub will be launching in March 2024 and partner organizations have a chance to help in the molding of this exciting project! We are currently building the Opportunities and Events Portal and need help from partners to populate it!

Plug your civic opportunities for free to New York City’s youth. Volunteering, Internships, and Events are all welcome on the platform!

Priority Deadline 2/25

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What We Are Looking For

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Eligible volunteering opportunities include any activities that support and promote civic engagement, public awareness, and community development. These can range from organizing voter registration drives, participating in community clean-up initiatives, leading educational workshops on civic rights and responsibilities, to advocating for social issues and participating in non-partisan political campaigns.

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Community Events

Community events might include initiatives that foster local engagement, cultural exchange, and social cohesion. These events can be workshops, cultural festivals, local clean-ups, public forums on community issues, charity fundraisers, and neighborhood gatherings.

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Eligible civics-related internships include positions that engage individuals in the workings of local, state, or national governance, policy development, civic education, and community service initiatives. These internships can be with governmental bodies, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, or educational institutions. This opportunity should be geared towards high school and early-college students.

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Broad Civic Engagement

We welcome all contributions that inspire active citizenship and foster a culture of informed, engaged community members ready to make a difference. If the opportunity offered by your organization doesn't quite fit into any of these three categories, we would still love to see it if it accomplishes that goal!

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