Who does NYC City Council represent?


Each Council Member serves one district in NYC

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What does NYC City Council have the authority to do?

The New York City Council, comprising 51 members, holds the authority to enact legislation, approve the city's budget, and exercise oversight over the activities of city agencies. This legislative body plays a crucial role in shaping policies, allocating resources, and ensuring accountability within the municipal government of New York City. Through its deliberative process and committee structure, the City Council addresses a wide range of issues affecting the daily lives of residents, including housing, education, public safety, transportation, and economic development. As representatives of their respective districts, council members advocate for the needs and interests of their constituents while collectively working towards the common goal of enhancing the quality of life for all New Yorkers.

Who does NYC City Council work with?

Learn more about the people NYC City Council reports to, collaborates with, or oversees.

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